Paddlefish Festival 2017

Students place paddlefish into the Big Cypress Bayou in Jefferson Texas to help restore the native paddlefish back into the water shed.  They also learned about pollinators, birds of prey, and planting wild flowers.


Gary Endsley interviews Pete Diaz of US Fish & Wildlife Service.

Our Scientist partners from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service have agreed to answer questions and discuss issues about the Paddlefish Reintroduction into Caddo Lake and the Big Cypress Bayou.

Jim Neal of Caddo Lake Institute is interviewed by Gary Endsley of Collins Academy.

Mike Montange, US Fish & Wildlife Service, and Gary Endsley, Collins Academy discuss the joint project.

IMG_3107  DSCN0164

DSCN0181  IMG_3130



  • What do Paddlefish eat?

    • Paddlefish eat plankton, which is typically tiny organisms that are key components of marine ecosystem. Plankton are tiny animals that are found near the surface in an aquatic environment. They may be made up of krill, amphipods, holoplankton and even young crustaceans or marine worms.

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